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With over a decade of experience managing and operating online businesses, I can take care of the behind-the-scenes, so you can focus on the life-changing work you do with clients & customers.

Here are some of the things I can take off your hands:


Tech Operations

Stop struggling to figure out all the tech that’s required to run an online business. Let me take care of managing your backend systems. I can manage everything: your CRM, Members Area, Payment Gateways, Product Delivery, Email Database, and more. 

Social Media

Get seen more often by potential customers, with consistent social media posts and strategy, so the people that need you, can actually find you.

Email Marketing

There is no point in building a database of customers by email if you aren’t regularly connecting with them in their inbox.

Content Curation

Let me take that content that’s in your head, or optimize what you’ve created, to get seen on your blog, social and to your database of potential and existing customers.

Project Management

Whether you’re launching a new product, putting your next book out into the world, or starting a new marketing campaign, I can make sure everything gets done for the most sales and eyes on your new thing. 


Website Design & Maintenance

As a WordPress expert, let me take care of ensuring your website and product pages are doing what they’re supposed to in getting you new clients and supporting your current ones. 


Leah worked with my company for over 3 years and was always professional, honest and trustworthy. She was highly skilled and efficient in her tasks. She worked extremely well liaising with my team and was self-motivated when working on projects on her own. I feel she would be reliable for any organisation that is seeking her skills.

– Amir Zoghi

“OMG! Meet the woman who saved my life, Leah Kalamakis. Leah is so easy to work with, is super fast, extra responsive, and totally got where I was coming from. She gave great advice and never made me feel dumb or lame about this stuff, even though I totally deserved it . Completely easy process and so happy that I found her!!”

– Corinne Grillo

“Leah is a trusted and dedicated person who has demonstrated expertise in developing social media and marketing content. She took the time to understand our brand’s unique identity, target audience, and objectives to create campaigns that meet our business needs. She is a pleasure to work with, always maintaining open lines of communication and promptly addressing any questions or feedback.”

– Allison Feduccia

“You are very professional, organized, timely, and awesome! You really deliver what you say you’ll deliver, and you also threw in a couple of things I didn’t expect you to (free of charge)! You were amazing to work with! Recommending you to anyone/everyone who asks.”

– Hannah Pasquinzo

“Leah has the ability to get to the core of the issues and help clients clarify what they need. Athough located abroad, we had great email and skype communication. She maintains a professional communication with clear expectations and meets all deadlines. We appreciate her insights and ability to translate our organizational culture to the internet.”

– Maralise Hood-Quan

“Leah is incredibly responsive, quick, kind and gracious. I now feel really proud to send people to my site. I also feel more competent in my online community building. You made it pretty damn user-friendly. I’d recommend you to everyone. Seriously. I loved everything about the experience.”

– Shannon Ball


I believe in doing what you LOVE, and I’ve made it my mission in life to help others do the same. Between living abroad to experience more of the world and growing my own online businesses in areas I’m passionate about, I prioritize living in the present moment and creating a life for myself and my clients that allows them to do the same.

Having ran multiple businesses of my own, I know how easy it is to let the day-to-day operations kill the passion for why you started the business in the first place. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a strategic partner and Online Business Manager like myself, I can help you get back to the freedom you started your business to enjoy. With me on your team, you can work less hours, have more time for family and travel and enjoy what you do best – giving your clients what changes their world.

Currently based in Gig Harbor, Washington, I work remotely on the time-zone that works best for you. 


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Schedule a chat: www.calendly.com/leah-kalamakis

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