Don’t let the good stuff go to waste

You already have more content than you realize. Let me turn what you have into multiple pieces of shareable content to get seen by more potential clients, in more places.

See below how I worked with mindset coach Amir Zoghi to turn his weekly coaching sessions into content that got him more views and more clients, week after week.

STEP 1: RECORDED CONTENT – Weekly Coaching Session

Amir has a weekly group coaching session on Zoom. I started with the original 1-hour video recording to turn it into multiple styles of content for his potential clients on all platforms.

You may do recorded coaching sessions like him, or Facebook lives in a membership community, or interviews or webinars I can take this content from. You can also set aside time each week to record one video for me specifically for this purpose.


From the one recorded content session, I pulled out between 5-10 topical lessons for 1-3 minute videos that were posted on Amir’s Instagram, Facebook and Youtube accounts. Within these post captions, was a call-to-action linking to either the full content or a program that related to the content someone could sign up for. So not only did this give Amir multiple opportunities to share his teachings, but also multiple opportunities to sell his programs. 


Depending on how many topics are covered in the original piece of content, longer topical videos are then turned into written blog posts for Amir’s website or guest articles to publish on other websites. 

I start by transcribing the content to ensure I’m using your language and way of speaking, then edit for clarity and to make appropriate in written form. 



To take care of the wonderful humans who have signed up to hear more from Amir via email, and to ensure we’re getting the most out of each piece of content, the topical videos or blog post are then turned into one or more emails to be sent to his database of email subscribers. 

The more you email your list, the more opportunity you have to gain trust and sell your services and programs. Emails do not need to be (and should not be) just sales emails when you have something to sell. They also do not need to be just weekly or in an “update/newsletter” style. I have the most success with sending a daily email with just a little bit of wisdom to keep your subscribers thinking of you and learning from you. How many times you email per week depends on how much content you have to share. Through my content curation, I can make sure you have more than you ever realized. 


Don’t let your content go to waste! Every coaching session, interview and video can (and should!) be turned into multiple pieces of content, shared in multiple places to get in front of your potential clients where they prefer to consume your content.

You spend your time giving your best value once, and I spend mine making sure it gets seen and appreciated!

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