If you tried to DIY your website and you quickly realized that it makes you much grumpier than your usual cheery self…
…Or you’ve been living with website “mehs,” hoping that no one notices your less-than-awesome site…

I can help.

Imagine visiting the website of your biggest business crush. It exudes personality. Everything is pixel-perfect and custom to their brand. You instantly trust them and hanging out on their site is fun. You can hardly help from pulling out your card to buy what they have to sell.
Now, imagine if your site had the same effect on your perfect clients. It communicates your unique value. It is a built-just-for-you site about your passion and your products.

That is what I do.


Corin-Headshot“OMG! Meet the woman who saved my life, Leah Kalamakis. This year I had THE WORST website shame…Leah is so easy to work with, is super fast, extra responsive, and totally got where I was coming from.”

—Corin Grillo,




because you are not a template.

I understand this is a big step. You’re asking yourself, do I really need a custom design? Am I ready for this? Is it worth the money? Maybe. Maybe not.


You’re ready if…


  • You are bold and fun, your website not-so-much.
  • You’re not idolizing your business crushes any more. You’re ready to be their peer.
  • You realize that cheap and quick usually means a do-over and spending money twice.
  • You know your strengths and high-value activities. Graphic design or learning html are not one of those things.
  • You know that this decision isn’t about your business now, it’s about your business in 6 months or a year from now. It’s for future you.







Need extras like a shopping cart or membership section? I’ll give you a custom quote!




You are a big deal. Your business is a big deal. This isn’t some side project, 1 hour a week, little hobby to fill your free time. This is your passion. It’s your freedom from average.
Doing business online is awesome because it gives you access to customers all over the world. (Bonjour from France!) You don’t have to spend $30,000+ to open new locations to reach new markets. Or spend $5,000+ to print catalogs or direct mail pieces to reach clients with a single marketing piece. Times have changed, and it’s wonderful.
This website is your universal office front. It’s your signal to the world. The declaration of your dream. Your website is a big deal.

I would absolutely love to help you go from where you are now, to where you want to be.

We’re a perfect fit if…


  • You’re ready to be super confident and proud of your website.
  • You’d rather not deal with all of the nitty-gritty tech details.
  • You’re a ton of fun and love dry humor. (Sticks in the mud need not apply.)
  • You’re ready to play a bigger game.
  • You want 1-on-1 attention and collaboration from someone who takes the time to understand your vision and passion.
  • A healthy appreciation for wine + baguettes + cheese helps, too. (But not required.)



Carlota I went into this process with only the vaguest idea of what I wanted, and Leah knew the right questions to pose about my business, my goals, my personality in order to help me help her create a website that I still sometimes can’t believe is mine. Love her!”

—Carlota Zimmerman,





This is what happens when we work together:


You: An overwhelming feeling of YES, PLEASE! comes over you. You hop on over to the Hire Me form , and send it off with excitement + anticipation.

Me: I’ll confirm my availability and send over the intake packet with contract, forms, and invoice.

Both of us: Woo hoo! excited!


You: Pick a desired start date (as soon as I’m available or reserve a later date). Share your vision through the Website Planning Guide, Pinterest boards, and possible Skype pow-wow.

Me: Revel in your awesomeness. Begin research, brainstorming, and brain work.

Both of us: Feelings of mutual understanding and respect.


Me: Create photoshop mockups of the proposed design – right brain is hard at work.

You: Wait in anticipation. Plan your business domination after design is complete. When mockups are complete, sign off (or make slight changes if they are needed) with glee!

Both of us: Deep in the creative process. Gears are turning. Your website is coming to life, and it’s wonderful.


Me: After signoff, I build and code your new site to prepare it for launch – left brain is hard at work.

You: During this process, you’ll approve different bits as we go. The more you are available, the faster your site will be complete!

Both of us: PARTY TIME!
Doesn’t that sound like fun? (It really is.) Let’s do this:
Hire Leah





How long does it take?
How do I pay you?
What will you use to build my website?
What if I need extras that aren't listed above, like a membership section or shopping cart?
Are there any other costs associated with having my website?




You made it this far, and still aren’t sure?

No worries – I have more eye candy around the corner:
Want to hear the gossip?
Read what people have to say about me.
Wanna check out my skills?
See my recent work.

All the instructions she provided allowed me to do things on my own, and her willingness to help if I didn’t understand something. People take my business more serious as my website is much more professional.
Carlie Fitzpatrick
Leah Kalamakis
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