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Don’t Make This Big Mistake: Backup Buddy Tutorial



You have recently (or not recently) done one of two things:

Invested a little or a lot of your hard-earned $$$$ (or maybe € or £) into hiring a web designer to build your website.


You have spent a lot of painstaking hours reading articles, watching Youtube videos, following instructions, calling support numbers (and maybe even purchased a Websites for a Dummies book) to set up a website yourself.

And then one day you get an email or a phone call from a friend. “Hey Sally- I tried to go to your website but there is some weird error screen- maybe I have the wrong address.”


Sally must have the wrong address, right? So you go check it out and see for yourself that there is, in fact, something wrong.

Before a major freak-out/anger storm ensues- you go scrambling through your emails to find that number for your web host.  After too long pressing buttons to get a real person on the line (unless of course you host with Bluehost), the nice tech help man tells you that your site has been hacked.

Hacked? That doesn’t actually happen- you think. So you ask them what you’re supposed to do. And here comes the ever-so-important question from the tech guy…..

“Well do you have a backup?”

It’s that moment of embarrassment where you know you are supposed to have “a backup”, but you’re not sure what that means exactly or you really believed it wouldn’t happen to you.

Well sorry, Charlie. It did happen to you.

And in this case you have 3 choices, both of which are less than desirable.

  1. Call your web designer with your tail between your legs and say “I think you said I should be backing up my site…..well I kinda forgot.” And pay them to rebuild your site.
  2. Rebuild the site yourself. Start from scratch. Remember that relief when you were done? Well, time to start over.
  3. Say F-this website stuff (even if you don’t use the F-word, you might in this situation).  And go cry yourself to sleep realizing that a business isn’t a business without a website these days.

If you are scared and nervous right now because you don’t have a backup system in place, good. That’s exactly what I want. Because you need a backup :)

So stop what you’re doing right now to look at the options I’m going to give you (well I guess if you’re reading this you don’t stop, but you know what I mean). Take some time to get a backup system in place and then you never have to worry about what will ‘never happen to you’ again.

Option 1:

If you love and trust your webhost, give them a call and ask what options they have for you for backups. Don’t forget to ask the price. It may be monthly, forever- in which case you’re better off going with option 2.  Ask them whether they do full backups, how often,  and what is the process if one day your site disappears.

Option 2:

If you are like me and want total control of knowing your site is REALLY being backed-up, head on over here: My Favorite Backup System- BackupBuddy

Backup Buddy is my ultimate super favourite backup system.

backupbuddy-logoIt’s a plugin, which means a one-time payment that you will then upload to your WordPress site. You will then just configure a few settings: how often you want backups to run, where you want the backups to be sent, etc. You can even choose to receive an email when each backup is complete for 100% piece of mind.  And if you are ever hesitant about the backups really going where you want them to go, you can always simply login to your site, click download and you will have the more recent backup right on your computer.

It’s simpler than it seems. And BackupBuddy has a range of tutorials & support to help you if you get stuck.

Extra bonus: You can use BackupBuddy to also make a ‘copy’ of your site and move it somewhere else. Who knows? You might change domain names, move your site somewhere else, etc. Super useful in this case.

Here are two tutorial videos on how to install BackupBuddy, make your first backup, and then set up automatic backup scheduling:

Installing BackupBuddy & creating your first backup:

Scheduling Automatic Backups:

So I want to hear from you.

Be honest- are you backing up your website? Let me know in the comments below.


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  • No! I’m not backing up and this IS my wake up call. I can not thank you enough for this easy step-by-step because ‘figuring it out’ was my barrier to getting started. Sounds so dumb but it is so true!!

    • Leah

      I know exactly what you mean. It seemed so complicated for me in the beginning as well and google wasn’t much help in this case. Glad you found it useful! Get on it sista! And feel free to let me know if you have trouble.

  • I LOVE my Backup Buddy! I bought it initially to help me move my site, but I really love that I have piece of mind knowing everything is backed up. Great tutorials, Leah!

    • Leah

      Super plugin, right? Same reason I bought it initially- super easy to use! Thanks for stopping by Jackie!

  • Yes, I backup my webiste(s). I use a plugin called online backup for Wordpress. It’s free and that’s cool with me for right now :).

    • Leah

      Great Leanne! Thanks for giving another example backup option for my readers! I will check it out as well.

  • Great article and awesome how-to videos. This has been on my to-do list forever (though unfortunately I am not on a wordpress site at the minute). Thank you for this timely reminder to get it done.

    • Leah

      Hi Melanie! I’m glad it helped. Give your host a call and ask them what options they have for you or check with our good friend google to see what the best reviews are for backups for your website platform. Thanks for stopping by!

    • phillips

      hey Melanie.i suggest you go for a plugin called backup & restore dropbox,is the best you can get of all the plugins on wordpress site.thanks!

  • Jen

    You have just outlined my worst nightmare. I’m pretty sure I would go with option 3 at least for a day… if I didn’t have a backup. Thankfully, I’m sleeping with my designer (husband) and my hosting company runs daily backups. But I did watch and appreciate your video tutorials. Love those.

    • Leah Kalamakis

      Glad you’re on top of it Jen!

  • very timely advice, leah. i’ve been worrying about this – at the back of my mind – for awhile. and i’d seen the headline of your article a few days ago and still didn’t do anything about it. then, just last night, my husband (i mean my tech support guy) backed my website up! now i can “report in” with a clear mind. :) thanks!

    • Leah Kalamakis

      Great April- lucky you to have your tech support at home and glad you can sleep with piece of mind now :)

  • Hi Leah! This is sooo great! You know, my very first website crashed and I had to rebuild it again (arghhh!). And a little while ago my blog was hacked and, luckily, my provider had done a backup. I actually also have back-up buddy installed but haven’t used it yet because I didn’t want to read boring instructions but I WILL WATCH your videos right now! THANK YOU! :-)

    • Leah Kalamakis

      Ahh I’m sorry to hear about your first site but now with BackupBuddy installed you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Follow the videos- I promise it’s super simple and let me know if you have any problems.

  • Great tutorial! Thanks Leah. I’ll definitely be coming back for more easy website tips :)
    xo Ritu

    • Leah Kalamakis

      Thanks for stopping by Ritu!

  • Daphne

    3 months ago I decided to tackle the challenge of building my own website. Well, 2.5 months ago I had a good framework and then was reminded that I needed to do a backup before I really put a lot of work into my site, with the potential of losing it over something as silly as not having a backup. This created a very easy point of procrastination for me. I didn’t know how to do it. You have now broken down that wall for me with a 3:38 min video. THANK YOU!! Now I feel like the pressure is off and I have less of an excuse to procrastinate, and more of a reason to continue with my creativity! You ROCK, girl!

    • Leah Kalamakis

      Oh that makes me so happy! Yes, super simple and even more important! Let me know if you have any issues.

  • guest

    how about a video on restoring a backup buddy- backup. I’ve got backup buddy and had to recently restore and couldn’t figure out how to do it…. found instructions on the net about using ftp to do it – and putting it in root directory or something. Be easier if it just had a restore button that you click restore and choose a backup … as the instructions were too complicated for me.

    • Leah

      Oh yes, much easier with BackupBuddy to assist. Will definitely add that to my must-add tutorial list!

  • Eva

    I learned the painful hard way about the importance of backing up. I got complacent and lost thousands and thousands of photographs from a hard drive that I had been planning for months to back up.

    And yet… I still don’t have a backup for my blog! How is it so easy to think, “Thiiis time it’ll be fine…”

    Thanks for the reminder and the helpful tutorial to get me started! I’m on it!

    • Leah

      Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear that. So YES- get on the blog backups!! I use Zipcloud to keep EVERYTHING on my laptop backed up, so worth it for the piece of mind!

  • phillips

    such a nice article,i backup my website i use pluging called Backup & restore dropbox all my database and files are well secured!

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