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When post-partum depression and divorce threw me for a (massive 😬) mental ride, I sought out the hope and healing that traditional medicine wasn’t delivering. This led me to the wonderful world of psychedelic medicine. (Update: I’m happy again!)

Because life is short and I want to live EVERY (present) moment to the fullest working for companies I truly want to succeed (plus tell everyone that is struggling with mental health that there is HOPE in Ketamine and other psychedelic medicines), I dropped all my random and varied business clients and went all-in on helping coaches, therapists and companies doing business on the cutting-edge of mental health – that’s YOU!

Pheww….that was a long sentence. It all felt important, sorry grammar pros.


In my desire to help businesses on the cutting-edge of mental health, I’ve done A LOT of research. There is one MAJOR thing I see nearly ALL Ketamine Clinics completely ignoring when it comes to getting more patients in the door.

I’ll share it with you in a second. But first…

There are a lot of ways to grow a clinic – google listings, website optimization, social media, referral programs, paid advertising…the list is long.

And I can (Hopefully will? If you decide to work with me long-term🤞) help you with all of these.

But the ONE area most Ketamine Clinics aren’t taking advantage of, also happens to be the most powerful marketing strategy.


You aren’t collecting the emails of the people that visit your website. And if you are, you’re not doing enough (or anything?) with those emails.

Shame on you! J/K! You’ve got better things to think about like managing your therapists and alll the paperwork and delivering the services that heal your patients.

But really. Your patients are nervous. They’re struggling. They’ve tried lots of other things. There are many other clinics and protocols and “how do I choose” thought-loops running in their head. They aren’t ready to decide the first time they visit your website. So how do you get them back? How do you nurture them in their decision-making if you don’t even know who they are?




I wear a lot of hats for my clients as an online business manager. Things like:

  • Operations management – keeping all the moving parts streamlined and running smooth
  • Content Creation – Blog posts and more
  • Social Media & Email Marketing
  • WordPress Web Design
  • Making alllll the behind-the-scenes tech that runs your business work seamlessly

….and many other “we have this going on, can you take care of it?” things that you and I can’t think of until it comes up.

But what I want to help you with NOW, as let’s call it, “a trial of whether or not we like working together, with the by-product of helping you grow your clinic immediately”.

Here’s what I propose

STEP 1: I setup a email marketing system for you (if you don’t have one already) to be able to collect interested patients’ emails in order to follow-up with them over time.

STEP 2: I create an enticing piece of branded free content that they’ll want to download and are willing to give you their email address to get it (Industry speak: Lead Magnet). This will probably be a pdf or short ebook on a topic like “What to know before you start Ketamine Treatments” or “10 Ways to Prepare for Your Ketamine Treatment” or “The Pros (& Cons) of Ketamine Treatment that Most Clinics Aren’t Telling You About“.

*It will be pretty and professional, because yes wearing a lot of hats means I am quite skilled in design too!

STEP 3: I get your website setup so that people can optin to receive this free content, in all the important places before leaving your website…(previously never to be seen again).

STEP 4: Nurture those leads! I will create a 3-5 email sequence auto-responder that they will receive over the coming weeks that will get them more interested and hopefully sign up for a session. This is automatic, once set-up, there is nothing more you need to do!

STEP 5 (Optional): You bring me on board to continue with this nurturing on a regular basis, so those leads never go to waste.

Investment: With my desire to go all-in with Psychedelic-related businesses, I’m doing a trial run of offering this as a stand-alone service to build up my client-base. I would normally charge $1200 for this service (steps 1-4) but for the first 4 clinics who put their trust in me, I’m offering this for 50% off, which means $600 to have your lead magnet and email list setup, running and bringing you leads on auto-pilot.

Just ONE client booked and you likely have your return on investment. But the potential is MUCH more than one. 


How does that sound?

Hopefully as good to you, as it does to me!

I am currently working with the lovely Allison Feduccia, Phd, founder of Psychedelic Support (a resource every Ketamine Clinic should check out). Since Ketamine was the first “psychedelic” FDA-approved for use in a clinical setting, helping clinics like yours is where I see my skills being used best at this stage of the Psychedelic Renaissance.

Here’s what she has to say about working with me →


“Leah is a trusted and dedicated person who has demonstrated expertise in developing social media and marketing content. She took the time to understand our brand’s unique identity, target audience, and objectives to create campaigns that meet our business needs. She is a pleasure to work with, always maintaining open lines of communication and promptly addressing any questions or feedback.”

Allison Feduccia, PhD

Psychedelic Scientist, Co-founder of Psychedelic Support


If you were interested enough to read alllll the way to this part of the page, Thank you! 🙏 I hope that means you’d like to start a conversation to work with me. I’d like to make it as simple and easy as possible for you. I know you’ve got a lot of important things on your to-do list today.

Here are a few options for next steps:

1. Fill out this form to setup a quick 30-minute conversation to see if we’re the right fit for each other.

2. Email me at leah @ leahkalamakis.com with your thoughts and feelings.

3. Click the X at the top of your browser to close this page and forget about me forever.

I’ll leave it with you to decide.

With love, hard work and giggles,



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