But when it comes to your business partner-in-crime (aka online business manager), it pays to have someone that can do (almost) it all, and knows how to hire, manage and outsource the rest.


There is a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes to run your business online. From your website, taking payments, Zoom management, delivering program content, calendar management, customer support, not to mention all the tech that needs to intertwine to make it all work. Every hour you spend dealing with the backend of the business, is an hour you could be spending sharing your message that is changing your clients lives. 

Let me take care of all the things that take your time away from clients & customers.


The #1 marketing channel most online businesses aren’t taking advantage of is email marketing. You may be building a list, but are you getting consistent clients out of those emails? Most people send an email to their database sporadically, when they have something new to share. Those emails often go unread and under-appreciated. I can put a plan in place to ensure you are consistently communicating with the people that want to hear from you more, turning those lurkers into paying clients on a regular basis. From writing the emails to scheduling and giving you the metrics that matter, email marketing is one of my favorite channels to help your business grow.


What would an online business be without social media? Your clients want to hear and learn from you. Most are itchin’ for more, especially the ones that haven’t yet hired you or bought any of your programs. It takes more than just a visit to your website for them to trust that you can really help them. But your posts are sporadic, and likely don’t reflect what you really have to give.

Let me take your companies identity & mission, and turn it into regular content that will gain their trust that YOU are the right person to help them. 


Reach more people and have a greater impact with your clients, without extra time investment by turning your wisdom and programs into online programs.

Having created over 30 online courses, for myself and clients, I know the ins and outs of creating, launching and marketing an online program.

From the initial course design, to editing videos, setting up a membership site, creating launch marketing campaigns, managing the community of students and everything in between – I can help you create more impact, for more people who aren’t able to meet with you 1-1 . If you have teachings that you find yourself repeating with individual clients, or content that isn’t seeing the light of day, let’s turn that into a program people can do from anywhere on their own time. This allows you to spend more time at a higher price-point for your individual or group coaching programs, without leaving anyone behind.  


You’ve got a lot to share. Most of it may be in your head. Some of it may be scattered across your blog, youtube channel, social media and even hidden away in your dropbox or google drive. 

Let me take everything you do (interviews, videos, social posts) and repurpose them into content that can be spread across all platforms.

This could be a video you record once per week, that I turn into a blog post, social posts, and email to your database. Or it could be a webinar interview or group session that I pull quotes and video snippets from to share with your followers. Don’t let all that knowledge and lessons go to waste!


As every client and business has different needs, we’ll work together to determine exactly what you need each month and put together a custom pricing package that fits your budget and needs.

Whether you need me hands-on with everything behind your business, or for certain tasks to support your existing team, we can start small with specific deliverables and grow together as your business grows.

Here is an example of some of the most common packages that may fit your needs:

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